We create unique social networks and communication platforms based on our own TopFriend platform.

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About project

What is it?

It's a unique platform that allows you to create social networks and communication platforms. A mobile application that combines all the tools for communication, photo and video sharing between users, as well as the formation of interest groups. One of the features of the platform, is the ability to see all users on a real-time map in a specific territory.


Users can send messages to each other in a super-fast messenger. We have developed a communication tool that is unparalleled worldwide!

20.5K Messages per minute 0.01мс Sending time


Extended profile with individual ribbon

Extended settings access rights

Accumulation of ratings for activity within the social network

Ability to Share photos and videos content

Internal currency that can be earned or bought

Unique system user rating

Formation groups by interests

Opportunity to discuss specialist topics in individual groups

Forming user base in the app

Placing advertisements users

Creating events directly on the map

Opportunity invitations events

More sources of monetisation developed



Vip stats

Placement of paid advertisements

Gifts system

Rising in search

Avatar profile wrap

Stroke your avatar in the shared feed

Highlighting posts in the feed

Different profile backgrounds

Highlighting the user on the map

Increase video upload limit

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